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No, not the band, but rather, using the focus, or lack of focus for effect. 

Four great photos – 1) Colouring pencils; 2) Those who know JZ, will know that he is not afraid of a camera and showing all and any of his moves.  Here is one of ba-zillion I have of him posing for my camera, or any camera matter of fact; 3) This little fella was laying easy on a beach on Stromboli, Italy.  Pity he was dead; 4) A great photo of Cuba at Jav’s and Jordan’s goodbye party.  Appreciate the blur!

Get the Point!

The JZ Blurred Boogie

Praying Mantis on Volcanic Rock

Cuba and Javan


Hot Stuff!

Okay folks, in contrast to the last post of ‘Snow and Ice’, we thought we’d provide a little warmth to comfort your eyes. Here you have some photos that focus on Heat; including a Moroccan BBQ, an erupting volcano (yes, I was there), and some African sunsets.  So sit back in that sun chair, order another mojito, rub in some more sunscreen, and put those shades on because it’s about to get hot!

BBQ at Djamaa El Fna

African Sunset Namibian Fields

Erupting volcano on the island of Stromboli

A quick pose on the Chobe River at Sunset