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What do you think of when someone says ‘holidays’?  Maybe sand between the toes, cool cocktails and long lazy sleep-ins? Or is 5 star hotels, taxi rides and city spots?  Or early flights, lonely planet guides, and ‘stretched-arm-photos’?  A mixture of all of the above?  Yep, I hear what you are saying.  I can almost see your dreamy eyes stare into space as you contemplate a relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

I too had mind-pictures of what kind of photos I should add into this weeks post; a close-up of a colourful long drink beside a turquoise pool, or a footprints winding away down a long golden beach … yeah, couldn’t find those; how about a nice hotel in a funky part of an old European town … nope, not there either.   I was getting worried, thinking my photos are just not going to cut it, but I started to see a common theme in my photos.  Let’s see if I can explain what I mean.

When you travel, holidays can mean many different things.  However, you always have the opportunity to spend time with the locals …

When in Rome, prepare to pay

… but you should try to blend in …

Which one is the local of Edinburgh?

… and even if you feel top of the world …

Jungfrau - top of Europe

… and you want to hug everything you see …

Travel does strange things to people

… things can change.  You can be easily confused with cultural differences …

Always pack the right shoes for the circumstances

… or stuck in traffic …

Moove, hairy coos

… remember to rest when you get the chance …

Comfort was a rare option for this little one

… and lean back, take a load off …

Its good to see the entire group relax together

… because no matter how you feel …

Do I look fat in this?

… you’ll always have a great time  with your friends …

Great image for a great bunch

Enjoy all your travels and holidays!


Black and White – Part 2

 Back in Black and White!  As you remember, from my previous B&W post, Black and White photography is a classic form.  Whether you like the way it looks on your wall, or the focus on subject rather than colour, or they way it makes your portrait photography look classy, you have to admit there is something about it.

The photos I have posted can be grouped in twos; a pair from Portobello Road Markets, and a pair of animals from Africa.  Portobello Road Markets are quality markets in a nice area of London.  As usual, they are directed at tourists, but there is something extra there, something that if you had the money you could get yourself some very groovy bits and pieces to display in your house.  That, of course, means there are some very cool things to take photos of, including rows of old cameras and retro sporting equipment.  I can’t have the items, but the photos will dress up a wall very nicely. And the Africa photos … well, the rhino stood in the water long enough to give me a great reflection, and the elephant has more character than the Muppets!  As always, enjoy!

Rhino Reflections

A line of lenses

Old boots and a boxing bag

Ivory and Wrinkles


For most of early photos, back in the day of my automatic 35mm camera, I used to wait for people to get out of my photos. My interest was nature and landscape, not tourists and slow-coaches. But, as I have progressed and learnt as a photographer, I realise that people can bring life to a photo. Even if the image I’m trying to capture is a landscape or wildlife photo, sometimes a well positioned person can show depth and scale to a photo.

And then other times, people just make great photos. Smiles and laughs, poses and stances. You would have to agree, make some of the best memories!

Speaking of memories, here is a few I’ve captured. The first shows that too many cooks don’t spoil the broth, or the barbeque in this case. The ever busy, ever bustling square of Djemaa el Fna is always good for some food action. The next is a humourous little moment I caught in one of my many wanders around Hampstead Heath; it was a beautiful day with everybody out enjoying the weather, and this couple obviously enjoying the tree.

The third is a stunning photo. William would be the first to say that he is no supermodel, but I think Will, his hat, and two paintings from Jane, his wife (I always think of the line from the Jetson’s when I say that), make a very striking image. Some brilliant colour.

And finally, one of my favourite people photos. It kind of speaks for itself. Jackie has great facial features for photos. Congratulations on being a mum, Jackie!

Djemaa el Fna Smokey BBQ

Two sets of legs in one tree

Three of Jane

Jackie - B&W

Camera Phone

This week we are mixing it up a bit …I heard a quote the other day  ” The best camera for the job is the one you have with you” and that is what this weeks post is all about …we have focused this week on the Camera we carry everyday with us in our mobile phone …

All Of these photos where taken when it was just not practical to have my SLR with me ..another factor in this type of photography is the creative aspect… I love the vintage look of film photos and with an application like “Hipstamatic” on my Iphone I can get creative ..it is like having 10 cameras in my pocket at all times …

The first Photo was taken a week or so ago will crossing trafalgar square to meet some friends for a drink …

The Second Photo Is a photo from my Camden office when it started snowing this winter ..

Photo Number 3&4 are both from a walk on hampstead heath in the summer time..

The Last Photo in the set is from a trip to Ireland a nice sunset above the clouds …

Trafalgar Square, London

Camden loch snow, London

Hampstead Heath Summer, London

Hampstead heath Summer, London

The Airspace between London & Dublin



London By Day

You’d think, especially after living in this city for over four years, that I’d have too many ‘London by day Happy-Snaps’ and would have to go on a crazy why-did-I-decide-to-do-this-blog decision-making and sorting process  … but no! No, no, no! I’ve got photos alright, but I had to go on a crazy why-did-I-decide-to-d0-this-blog rant and look deep for these photos…

But there were some, and some that I really like.  I’ve touched them up, especially the black and white London Eye photo (obviously), but I thought it needed something a little different.  There are two London Eye photos – self-explanatory; a nice little wonky-angled Tower Bridge photo (no, not London Bridge); and a wicked little photo of views of classic housing, the BT Tower and London Eye, taken from a little spot I proudly found myself, and I’m confident to say that not many know where it is.  So there.  As always, enjoy!

The London Eye in the Sky

Tower Bridge Askew

A Room with a View

A Black and White Eye

Black and White – part I

Hello Readers and Photo-enthusiasts,

Why ‘Black and White – part I’, well, just one post, four photos doesn’t give black and white photography true scope.  Getting down to only four photos was far too difficult, so here is the first part of many.

These photos are diverse for many reasons.  Different subjects, different continents, different stages in my photography, different reasons to capture the photo.  Whether  bold, or abstract, or endearing , or iconic and unusual, I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I loved taking them.

Leaf on the Heath

Lights at the Markets

Elephant Family Drink Stop

The Lady and the Helicopter

Snow and Ice

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, winter has arrived and already unleashed it’s arctic weather on us, so here are a few ‘seasonal’ photos for you.  For the rest of you ‘summer-dwellers’, these should help you cool down.

Snow Path on Hampstead Heath

Snowman on Bench

Little Red on Sled

Lone walker on Hampstead Heath