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London Night



Macro – making the world of the small very big.  I do not have a macro lens or any other attachment that’ll make macro photography easier.  Rather, I need to do it the old fashioned way and get as close to the objects as my lens allows me.  Bugs and flowers seem to be the easiest, and the most impressive at the moment.

Hover Fly... Hovering

Flowers at the Borough Markets

Grass seeds on Hampstead Heath in Spring

A blue dragonfly having a rest


Movement is a photographical challenge.  Movement can blur and distort, but on the other hand it can smooth, or show action.  Here are a few that give movement in the world of still photography. 

New York Taxi
Central Park Ice Skating, New York
Mokoro polers stop for the night

Skateboarder at Southbank

Camera Phone

I had forgotten that I even had a camera on my phone until Richard suggested we use them for a post.  Therefore I have been trying to get phone inspirational this last week, but I think I need lots of work. 

My favourite is more on content rather than photography skills.  Hay-on-Wye is a little town in Wales that have some very cool book stores.  Browsing through one of them, I found an entire shelf of second-hand Richard Hammond biographies that obviously aren’t worth keeping, or not worth buying, or maybe both.  Didn’t have my camera, but had my phone.

Two others are on my exciting way home from work, and the other is a bit of a cheat, Antony is using his phone camera to take a photo of me… does that count????

Books for Sale ...

View from the 83

Convex image

Antony of Arabia