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In strong contrast to last weeks theme I did a search of my photo library and discovered I that had upward of 500 photos that relate to sunsets …so the problem this week was finding 5 from 500 ..not an easy task …but I think these images are the best of the best for now ….

This weeks images cover three different countries and two-time zones but have one thing in common ..colourful sunsets.

The first three photos are all from Thailand amazing place with beautiful beaches, friendly people, spicy food, cold beer and an abundance of SUN…making for some great sun downers and some amazing photo opituinities..The first photo is krabi beach as the day ends the long tail boats head back to the harbour …the second photo is of ko lanta island and a local child enjoying the last rays of the day..the third photo is the view from the Banyan Tree Hotel in Bangkok ..I was enjoying a my last Thai sunset with my last Thai beer on my last night in Thailand…at their amazing roof top bar.

Photo number Four is a panorama of South end on Sea beach on my first Motorcycle day Trip adventure …

Photo Number five is my first trip to Cork and to Ireland to visit some dear friends we enjoyed some cold Guinness and watched the surfers catch the last waves of the day as the light faded and turned the sky the most amazing colours

So please ….sit down and kick back with your sundower drink of choice and enjoy the photos…

Krabi beach, Thailand

Ko Lanta Beach, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

South End On Sea, England

Cork, Ireland



Sunsets – The end of the day is just the beginning!

I have seen some amazing sunsets in my time, as, with no doubt, you have as well.  Sunsets defy our constant need to rush, and make us slow down.  With the burning ball of bright light sinking slowly but steadily towards the horizon, we stop and stare.  Protected from its intensity by the impurities in the atmosphere, we are amazed over and over again as the sun sets to make way for the night.

The first two photos are from Namibia.  The first at Etosha National Park. Since you have to be back in the fenced campsite before sunset, so you don’t get locked out, our truck pulled into camp after an afternoon safari with only minutes left of the sunset.  With camera in hand, I jumped out the back door before the truck had stopped and sprinted through camp towards the nearby waterhole, hoping for a nice reflection, or maybe an animal.  As I came close, a group of giraffes were meandering towards the waterhole.  Without pausing I circled the waterhole, putting one of the giraffes in front of the sun.  I rattled off a few shots before he moved for a drink.  The second one, on the beach at Swakopmund, Ingrid and I were taking a relaxing stroll on the beach when a father and son came to fly a kite in the afternoon breeze.  The silhouette is so striking.

The third was taken during a walking safari in the Okovango Delta.  As we were heading back to camp, we passed a larger section of water.  Another small group were being ferried across.  I just had to wait for them to get into position.

And the final shot was taken from the roof of a textiles store among the souks of Marrakech, where we had a great time with Mohammed, a wonderfully friendly local happy to serve us Moroccan Mint Tea and talk about the recent changes of Morocco and his experiences living in different cities.

Sun framed giraffe

Father flies kite

Mokoro bathed in Sunset

Birds above Marrakech

London By Day

You’d think, especially after living in this city for over four years, that I’d have too many ‘London by day Happy-Snaps’ and would have to go on a crazy why-did-I-decide-to-do-this-blog decision-making and sorting process  … but no! No, no, no! I’ve got photos alright, but I had to go on a crazy why-did-I-decide-to-d0-this-blog rant and look deep for these photos…

But there were some, and some that I really like.  I’ve touched them up, especially the black and white London Eye photo (obviously), but I thought it needed something a little different.  There are two London Eye photos – self-explanatory; a nice little wonky-angled Tower Bridge photo (no, not London Bridge); and a wicked little photo of views of classic housing, the BT Tower and London Eye, taken from a little spot I proudly found myself, and I’m confident to say that not many know where it is.  So there.  As always, enjoy!

The London Eye in the Sky

Tower Bridge Askew

A Room with a View

A Black and White Eye

London by Day

This post has provided a bit of a challenge ..Thinking of the theme “London by day” I thought this would be easy as I have thousands of images of London [I am not joking current count puts me at about 5ooo images ]having lived in the city for 8 years now ….but to my surprise I have found that I have very few photos of  London during the day so have had to really search I hope you all enjoy these images…….. I think I have covered most of the bases when it comes to London landmarks ..some of them are a bit subtle …like the London eye photo which is one of my favorite images it just says London to me  …I looking forward to your comments and which image says London to you ….

Big Ben

St Pauls & The Millenium Bridge

Trafalgar square

The London eye

Tower Bridge & city hall


This post is in recognition of our furry, flying or finned friends.  I had a few animal shots to choose from, but rather than going abroad for my photos, I thought I’d stay local.  All these shots were taken in the UK, even though some are not indigenous (obviously). 

 Two were taken at Whipsnade Zoo, just north of London.  A bunch of us took our cameras and went to practice some wildlife photography. The lemur is raising its arms to catch heat from the sun.  When the sun came out from behind the clouds, the lemur would sit down and raise its arms, when the sun went away, the arms went down.  The bear enjoyed his bath and had a good shake.  Luckily for me, I got the right settings for the camera when he did it a second time.

The fish, which remain unnamed, were my favourite ‘characteristic expression’ photo for a long time.  I love their sadness.  Who thought dead fish could look so depressed! But then when I least expected it, along came Alfie.  Alfie is the lovable pet of Graham and Amanda, friends that came to a cottage with us for a weekend.  They brought Alfie, I had my camera… well, we know how things start.  He stared at me, I at him… Actually he laid around near the fire and I stuck my camera in his face! But what a face!  I am sure you will agree with me, its beautiful.

Feel free to a) vote, b) comment, c) subscribe, d) tell your friends, or e) all of the above. 🙂

Posing Lemur

Big Brown Bear Bath

Sad Fish

Alfie raises his eyebrow


In keeping with the Local theme …All these Animals were photographed locally …the meerkat and the hippos at  Whipsnade Zoo  just north of London ..on a truly fun filled day at the zoo …My finned friend was taken at kew gardens … in a small aquarium display they have ….and lastly the ever present Grey squirrel ..found just about everywhere but this one was spying on me  from a tree in Hyde park ….enjoy..and please comment …

The Meerkat


Something Fishy

neighbourhood watch

Black and White – Part 1

Hi Everyone,

So I have been very bad ..and I am way behind in my editing and posting ..but like they say better late than never …this is a selection of images from last year enjoy.

Paloma Faith in Concert

The Royal yacht Copenhagen Habour

The Cliffs of Mohr , Ireland

The Band ....

Autumn Leaves