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Local Heath Stroll

Last week, Richard and I decided to venture up into the quiet corners of the local Hampstead Heath to take some photos of the snow before it melted.  The first few hours were very tranquil as we walked with muffled steps through the snow-covered forest, capturing photos of cheeky red-breasted robins, frozen ponds, and the over-enthusiastic joggers or a cross-country skier.  Our outing concluded with the energetic display of two adventure seekers, impeded from their Swiss skiing holiday because of the turmoil at the airports, they had to make-do with a self-constructed ski ramp in front of the English Heritage Kenwood House.  If you’re going to jump, jump with class; yet crash with style!

Crash with Style


Snow & Ice Part 2

I hope everyone is feeling toasty after that HOT HOT post of nelson … in keeping with northern hemisphere tradition comes the next cold front …to remind you of the season…so crank up the heating and enjoy ….

Hampstead heath wide view to view "MASSIVE"


Up North - Double Header Part 1

Double Header Part 2 - Hampstead Heath / Upnorth

Up North - Stone wall

Sunset in the Snow

Hot Stuff!

Okay folks, in contrast to the last post of ‘Snow and Ice’, we thought we’d provide a little warmth to comfort your eyes. Here you have some photos that focus on Heat; including a Moroccan BBQ, an erupting volcano (yes, I was there), and some African sunsets.  So sit back in that sun chair, order another mojito, rub in some more sunscreen, and put those shades on because it’s about to get hot!

BBQ at Djamaa El Fna

African Sunset Namibian Fields

Erupting volcano on the island of Stromboli

A quick pose on the Chobe River at Sunset

Snow and Ice

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, winter has arrived and already unleashed it’s arctic weather on us, so here are a few ‘seasonal’ photos for you.  For the rest of you ‘summer-dwellers’, these should help you cool down.

Snow Path on Hampstead Heath

Snowman on Bench

Little Red on Sled

Lone walker on Hampstead Heath

The Hunter Becomes The Hunted …


Nelson Practicing his wildlife photo survival skills  …..

Richmond Park

First Post! Hope you like ’em.  Pre-dawn, cold Autumn morning in Richmond Park, London.

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Richmond Park

Act 1 Scene 1 – Enjoy the Photos