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Black and White – Part 2

With this weeks Theme of Black And white I tried to find images that have texture ..I love the complex simplicity of Black and white and how it strips photos of space and time …let us focus on the objects and lets the simple textures come to the front using just light and dark shades …

Back to the roots of photography before colour came about ..

Photo 1 : A simple dandelion in field hampstead heath

Photo 2 : London south bank and low tide revealing a timber and stone path way

Photo 3 : A metal ring used to keep boats from drifting away..

Photo 4 : The door to kenwood house hapstead heath

Photo 5 : A metal rusting fence In a forest in south england


London South Bank Low Tide

The Ring

The Door

The Fence


London Southbank

This weeks theme is London South Bank ..a place I keep on photographying again and again …I love walking the South Bank it has so much to offer is a small selection …

Photo 1 : literally the South Bank Of the Thames ..under the oxo Tower one morning at low tide .

Photo 2 : London’s Own City HAll ..a strange but I think cool bit of architecture

Photo 3 :London Eye and welcome path of blue lights …

Photo 4 : The Letter “B” in Bankside under the walkway next to the Globe Theater something I did not even know till the tide went out ….London keeps revealing itself to be a little at a time …

Photo 5 : This a little bit of a cheat ..The London Eye As seen from the Northbank of the river ..slow shutter speed to capture the movement …

South Bank - Oxo Tower

South Bank - London City Hall

South Bank - London Eye

South Bank - "B" ankside

London eye


This weeks post is photos of people and is a difficult theme for me as I normally  try to exclude people from my photos as I prefer manly landscapes or objects …so  I had to really get creative and enlist some help to track down some appropriate photos from my back catalog of 35  thousand photos …

The first photo was shot at a  friends wedding in Thailand ..probably the first ever wedding photos I have taken this is my favorite  image of the  happy couple on their big day …

The second photo also taken at the  wedding  of a good friend of mine and his new wife as they make their way  up the isle  after being married while being congratulated by there guests

Photo number three was taken just days ago while shooting a band at a small east London venue called “jamboree” this is the owner preparing the candles at the bar for the evening.

Photo number four is of  Tara and was taken on my Iphone using Hipstamatic  one evening in the pub ..a great image of her

Photo number five was also taken at the “jamboree” venue ..& is of one of the band members playing with Michelle daly the talented singer I was there to photograph

So I hope you enjoy these images

Nadia & Jason Thailand Wedding

Joslyn & Andrew London Wedding



Michelle Daly



From the small portable camera last week …this week we go wide ….very wide …This is one of my favorite types of photography .. All these Panorama photos are made up of between 3 & 7  individual photos that are taken with a slight overlap and from left to right …then are opened in Photoshop and joined together to make one photo…then cropped and any other adjustments done ….

I love Panorama shots because they have such a wide view of the world and you really can get a sense of a  landscape with these shots …so enjoy …also if you want to see them bigger just click the photos and they will open in another window full size …



Cape Town



Camera Phone

This week we are mixing it up a bit …I heard a quote the other day  ” The best camera for the job is the one you have with you” and that is what this weeks post is all about …we have focused this week on the Camera we carry everyday with us in our mobile phone …

All Of these photos where taken when it was just not practical to have my SLR with me ..another factor in this type of photography is the creative aspect… I love the vintage look of film photos and with an application like “Hipstamatic” on my Iphone I can get creative is like having 10 cameras in my pocket at all times …

The first Photo was taken a week or so ago will crossing trafalgar square to meet some friends for a drink …

The Second Photo Is a photo from my Camden office when it started snowing this winter ..

Photo Number 3&4 are both from a walk on hampstead heath in the summer time..

The Last Photo in the set is from a trip to Ireland a nice sunset above the clouds …

Trafalgar Square, London

Camden loch snow, London

Hampstead Heath Summer, London

Hampstead heath Summer, London

The Airspace between London & Dublin




In strong contrast to last weeks theme I did a search of my photo library and discovered I that had upward of 500 photos that relate to sunsets …so the problem this week was finding 5 from 500 ..not an easy task …but I think these images are the best of the best for now ….

This weeks images cover three different countries and two-time zones but have one thing in common ..colourful sunsets.

The first three photos are all from Thailand amazing place with beautiful beaches, friendly people, spicy food, cold beer and an abundance of SUN…making for some great sun downers and some amazing photo opituinities..The first photo is krabi beach as the day ends the long tail boats head back to the harbour …the second photo is of ko lanta island and a local child enjoying the last rays of the day..the third photo is the view from the Banyan Tree Hotel in Bangkok ..I was enjoying a my last Thai sunset with my last Thai beer on my last night in Thailand…at their amazing roof top bar.

Photo number Four is a panorama of South end on Sea beach on my first Motorcycle day Trip adventure …

Photo Number five is my first trip to Cork and to Ireland to visit some dear friends we enjoyed some cold Guinness and watched the surfers catch the last waves of the day as the light faded and turned the sky the most amazing colours

So please ….sit down and kick back with your sundower drink of choice and enjoy the photos…

Krabi beach, Thailand

Ko Lanta Beach, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

South End On Sea, England

Cork, Ireland

London by Day

This post has provided a bit of a challenge ..Thinking of the theme “London by day” I thought this would be easy as I have thousands of images of London [I am not joking current count puts me at about 5ooo images ]having lived in the city for 8 years now ….but to my surprise I have found that I have very few photos of  London during the day so have had to really search I hope you all enjoy these images…….. I think I have covered most of the bases when it comes to London landmarks ..some of them are a bit subtle …like the London eye photo which is one of my favorite images it just says London to me  …I looking forward to your comments and which image says London to you ….

Big Ben

St Pauls & The Millenium Bridge

Trafalgar square

The London eye

Tower Bridge & city hall