This weeks post is photos of people and is a difficult theme for me as I normally  try to exclude people from my photos as I prefer manly landscapes or objects …so  I had to really get creative and enlist some help to track down some appropriate photos from my back catalog of 35  thousand photos …

The first photo was shot at a  friends wedding in Thailand ..probably the first ever wedding photos I have taken this is my favorite  image of the  happy couple on their big day …

The second photo also taken at the  wedding  of a good friend of mine and his new wife as they make their way  up the isle  after being married while being congratulated by there guests

Photo number three was taken just days ago while shooting a band at a small east London venue called “jamboree” this is the owner preparing the candles at the bar for the evening.

Photo number four is of  Tara and was taken on my Iphone using Hipstamatic  one evening in the pub ..a great image of her

Photo number five was also taken at the “jamboree” venue ..& is of one of the band members playing with Michelle daly the talented singer I was there to photograph

So I hope you enjoy these images

Nadia & Jason Thailand Wedding

Joslyn & Andrew London Wedding



Michelle Daly



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