Camera Phone

This week we are mixing it up a bit …I heard a quote the other day  ” The best camera for the job is the one you have with you” and that is what this weeks post is all about …we have focused this week on the Camera we carry everyday with us in our mobile phone …

All Of these photos where taken when it was just not practical to have my SLR with me ..another factor in this type of photography is the creative aspect… I love the vintage look of film photos and with an application like “Hipstamatic” on my Iphone I can get creative is like having 10 cameras in my pocket at all times …

The first Photo was taken a week or so ago will crossing trafalgar square to meet some friends for a drink …

The Second Photo Is a photo from my Camden office when it started snowing this winter ..

Photo Number 3&4 are both from a walk on hampstead heath in the summer time..

The Last Photo in the set is from a trip to Ireland a nice sunset above the clouds …

Trafalgar Square, London

Camden loch snow, London

Hampstead Heath Summer, London

Hampstead heath Summer, London

The Airspace between London & Dublin




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