Sunsets – The end of the day is just the beginning!

I have seen some amazing sunsets in my time, as, with no doubt, you have as well.  Sunsets defy our constant need to rush, and make us slow down.  With the burning ball of bright light sinking slowly but steadily towards the horizon, we stop and stare.  Protected from its intensity by the impurities in the atmosphere, we are amazed over and over again as the sun sets to make way for the night.

The first two photos are from Namibia.  The first at Etosha National Park. Since you have to be back in the fenced campsite before sunset, so you don’t get locked out, our truck pulled into camp after an afternoon safari with only minutes left of the sunset.  With camera in hand, I jumped out the back door before the truck had stopped and sprinted through camp towards the nearby waterhole, hoping for a nice reflection, or maybe an animal.  As I came close, a group of giraffes were meandering towards the waterhole.  Without pausing I circled the waterhole, putting one of the giraffes in front of the sun.  I rattled off a few shots before he moved for a drink.  The second one, on the beach at Swakopmund, Ingrid and I were taking a relaxing stroll on the beach when a father and son came to fly a kite in the afternoon breeze.  The silhouette is so striking.

The third was taken during a walking safari in the Okovango Delta.  As we were heading back to camp, we passed a larger section of water.  Another small group were being ferried across.  I just had to wait for them to get into position.

And the final shot was taken from the roof of a textiles store among the souks of Marrakech, where we had a great time with Mohammed, a wonderfully friendly local happy to serve us Moroccan Mint Tea and talk about the recent changes of Morocco and his experiences living in different cities.

Sun framed giraffe

Father flies kite

Mokoro bathed in Sunset

Birds above Marrakech


2 responses to “Sunsets

  • Ingrid McGrath

    They all bring back great memories….Me thinks there will be some more stunning African sunset photos in just a few weeks!

  • Richard Holst

    Dude you have out done your self those African sunsets are amazing …my favorite is the “Sun framed giraffe”

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