London By Day

You’d think, especially after living in this city for over four years, that I’d have too many ‘London by day Happy-Snaps’ and would have to go on a crazy why-did-I-decide-to-do-this-blog decision-making and sorting process  … but no! No, no, no! I’ve got photos alright, but I had to go on a crazy why-did-I-decide-to-d0-this-blog rant and look deep for these photos…

But there were some, and some that I really like.  I’ve touched them up, especially the black and white London Eye photo (obviously), but I thought it needed something a little different.  There are two London Eye photos – self-explanatory; a nice little wonky-angled Tower Bridge photo (no, not London Bridge); and a wicked little photo of views of classic housing, the BT Tower and London Eye, taken from a little spot I proudly found myself, and I’m confident to say that not many know where it is.  So there.  As always, enjoy!

The London Eye in the Sky

Tower Bridge Askew

A Room with a View

A Black and White Eye


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